One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #442: Hallelujah

  1. FINALLY!!!! A song that I LOVE!!! Nobody can sing Hallelujah like Bon Jovi! I saw in an interview once, that the writer of Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen, thought that Bon Jovi’s version was the best one he had ever heard, and I agree. Bon Jovi puts so much emotion into every lyric that he sings, the listener can’t help himself but get drawn into this song when Bon Jovi sings it. Bon Jovi just hits it out of the park with his version, and the best part is while your ears are listening to Bon Jovi create magic with his voice, he is creating magic with his yummy body, yes he has one of the greatest bodies in the business, add up all the key ingredients, the voice, song, and the body together and it truly is a Hallelujah moment, pure magic! Great selection Egg

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