One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #447: Fear of Being Alone

  1. You have singers, some good, some bad, some okay, some so so, then you have the ones that are great, superb, elite. Then you have REBA! Reba has her own category and it is just REBA. Reba owns everything she does, she is real, she can sing anything, and make it stand out in a crowd. Reba has one of “those” voices that is instantly recognizable, and the listener will always stop to listen, her voice just pulls you into whatever she is singing. Then if you are lucky enough to see her in concert, she pulls it all together, the song, the voice, the ultimate performer, it all comes together when Reba takes the stage, the woman can entertain like no other. Reba stands alone at the top of the mountain, all others strive to climb the same mountain, few make it to the top. Reba made it to the top a long time ago, and there she remains, she has claimed her spot on the top of the mountain. The Fear Of Being Alone, is just another rung on her ladder. I love this song of two people meeting, both coming off of a breakup, one desiring just some fun, the other one wants to jump right into a relationship with another so they won’t have to fear being alone. Personally, I think people like that are pathetic, buy hey, that is the way some people are. This song is a great representation of that, and it is sung by Reba, who wraps her silky voice around every lyric like the pro that she is. Great selection Egg…..can you tell that I like Reba and this song???

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