One thought on “SAD SONGS WEEK #487: Life Turned Her That Way

  1. YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY!!!!! You grew up with this song because I played this over and over and over, and still do! RVS is my all time favorite country singer. This song is like so many of his songs, it tells it like it is….life can be so hard, it changes you, you start out young and fresh, you think the world is unbeatable, you get older, and then life starts punching you in the face with it’s heartbreaks and challenges. You face them, and how you deal with them is how you cope, everyone deals with their challenges different, some can deal, some can’t. This song says that, I love how the song, says “if she’s cold and bitter”, wow, a lot of people get that way as they face the challenges in their life, some will rise to the challenge, some won’t. People you meet, you don’t realize what all they have been thru, some of us has had life really punch us in the face, and they rise to the challenge, they punch back, those kinds of people are the ones that truly inspire me. When RVS sings this song, I never get tired of hearing it, it is just perfect……”life turned her that way”….I always hope life turns people strong, they can face and deal with most things that come along, like I said some will, some won’t. But one thing I know I will always think, this is one of the all time great “life” songs, and RVS sings it superbly! His voice is TRUE country!!! OUTSTANDING SELECTION EGG!

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