Ultimate Playlist #489: Que Sera, Sera

Okay, so last week probably wasn’t the best week for Sad Songs. But hey, none of us knew how last week was going to play out.

No official theme this week, but I promise to keep it upbeat!

To escape coronavirus news, last night I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much.

It was a great diversion, and featured Doris Day singing this song that seemed perfect for the moment.

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
What will be, will be

One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #489: Que Sera, Sera

  1. I grew up with this song and I just adore it!!! This song came out before I was even born, my dad loved Doris Day and especially this song, he played it so much, I have the word embedded in my brain. “The future is not ours to see, whatever will be will be”, I choose to hear these words in a positive light, I love this music and I have always loved Doris Day’s voice, in my opinion she has a beautiful voice and she sang so many wonderful songs, and every time I hear her, it brings my childhood back to me, I had a wonderful childhood with my dad, we would listen to Doris Day and country music so much. This song always puts a smile on my face and my heart. “Que Sera Sera, the future’s not ours to see”, perfect for what is happening in today’s world. A perfect song for today’s world, music will help us overcome. Fantastic selection Egg

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