2 thoughts on “Ultimate Playlist #496: Coward Of The County

  1. One of the greats of Country Music is gone. Kenny Rogers had a great run “Through The Years”. Wow, he leaves behind so many wonderful songs and if you were fortunate to have seen him in person, he was a marvelous entertainer. I remember when Kenny Rogers first got really popular, he had one hit after another for many years. Coward of The County is one of Kenny’s best songs, of the many he had. A story of a gentle young man, trying to live a quiet life, and not make the mistakes his father did. A few idiot people saw what a gentle person Tommy was, and they pushed Tommy to far, and they brought out Tommy’s dark side when Tommy locked the door! As you listen to the song, you find yourself cheering for Tommy. One of the best story songs ever, and Kenny’s unique raspy voice just makes this song. Kenny had many many hits that he left behind, he will always stand tall in Country Music Fans hearts. Great song from one of the greats. Wonderful selection Egg.

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