Ultimate Playlist #500: The Dance

For awhile now, I’ve been thinking of the song that would end the Ultimate Playlist. It wouldn’t necessarily be my favorite song, as mostly I just add songs to the list as I think of them, and I don’t know that I could pick just one–or even a handful–of favorite songs.

But in time in became clear that there was only one song to end the playlist.

There isn’t a lot of Garth Brooks in the Ultimate Playlist, but that’s mostly because it’s very difficult to find high quality videos on You Tube. So I hope you’ll excuse the slightly lower quality.

Thank you all for following along with the Ultimate Playlist.

Stay safe.

And tune in tomorrow for a new weekly series that I’ll be kicking off (in addition to the regular Sunday morning posts).

One thought on “Ultimate Playlist #500: The Dance

  1. I have loved the Ultimate Playlist, what a “Dance” it has been. 500 days of songs, it has been a real pleasure listening to all of your selections. I agree, “The Dance” is the perfect ending to the Playlist. It has been a great ride for 500 days, and to end it with GARTH is so fitting. No one can sing and entertain like GARTH! The Dance is a wonderful song of not knowing what life is going to throw at you, you gotta get on board for the ride that life will bring you. You will have good times plus some bad times, you gotta go with the flow, a lot of times you know what life is going to throw at you, you deal with it, but it is the things that life throws at you that you don’t see what is coming, now these are the things that make life interesting. The good and the bad, hang on life is coming. You just go with it, The Dance is life, and how you respond is the meaning of “The Dance”, beautiful song sung by Garth. The best way to end the Ultimate Playlist. I know I don’t want to miss the dance…Great job Egg!

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