These days whenever I need to know something, I do what everyone does.  I fire up my phone or my laptop and consult Google.

I have the answer in seconds.

Which, to be quite honest, I’m not longer stunned by.  It’s an accepted part of modern-day life that one can look up any fact, television clip, or famous photograph in an instant.

Google has the answers.

But I’m still amazed by how often Google knows the question before I even finish asking it.

And not just the easy ones, like this:

Google’s not getting any points from me on that one.  Everyone on planet Earth has googled that at least once in the past eight weeks. 

But Google knows things that are rather specific, like:

Has Google been reading my Golden Age of Hollywood blogs?

Or this:

How did Google know I was looking for a show that’s been off the air for thirteen years?

And Google has definitely been reviewing my skyrocketing Amazon bill:

And how does Google explain this autofill if it hasn’t been using my webcam?

I mean, seriously, Google.  Cats climb trees, curtains, and poles.  But your first thought was that I wanted to search cats climbing on my back?  And you’re telling me you didn’t read my Facebook post this week?

[Side Note:  The life of a writer means that you can spend hours researching, writing, and perfecting a piece, and it will never get 1/100th the amount of likes as a picture of your cat on your back.  This is the way the world is, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.]

I feel like I’m forever locked in a game of “Name That Tune.”

Google:  I can name that search in six letters!

Since Google obviously knows everything, they also know I am on to them:

But Google swears they are protecting my privacy, and we all know Google would never lie to us.  So the only logical explanation is:

I don’t even need to click to know the answer is YES!

Google finishes my sentences.  Google always knows exactly what I want.  Google anticipates my every need.

So one question remains:

For once, Google has nothing to say.