Well, this is a strange Mother’s Day.

Normally the biggest day of the year for restaurants, there will be no champagne brunches this year.  No picnics in the park, no living rooms crowded with grandchildren and cake.

I know this might come as a shock to some, but holidays are not always as joyful as they are portrayed in Hallmark movies.

Holidays are loaded with emotions, not always good.

Everyone has strange Mother’s Days throughout their lives. 

Maybe it’s the first Mother’s Day since your own mother passed away, or maybe you’re away from her for the first time on the holiday.  Or maybe you’re a new mother and today’s the first time you’re the one being celebrated.

Maybe you’re not on good terms with your mother or maybe you never had a mother in any true sense of the word.  Or maybe your mother’s been gone a long time and you wish you could cut this day out of the calendar every year.

So let’s not forget that Mother’s Day is sometimes weird for all of us.

The difference is we’re all having a weird Mother’s Day at exactly the same time.

I know a lot more mothers than I used to, and many of them are my age.

Talk about weird.

If your mother is in your quarantine bubble, you’re probably tired of each other after weeks of enforced togetherness.  Maybe celebrate by letting Mom take a bubble bath or go for a walk all by herself.

If you and your mother are both alive and healthy but unable to see one another, there are plenty of other ways to let her know you love and appreciate her.

If for any reason you’d rather just skip Mother’s Day, I fully endorse pulling the covers up over your head and not coming out until it’s over.

You may want to consider this strategy for the rest of 2020.

If you can swing it.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, and all the mothers I know and love.

This is one for this history books.