Things I Spend Way Too Much Time Thinking About

If anyone was brave enough to take a stroll inside my head, here is what they would find on any given day:

Tostitos lime chips are divine.  And Tostitos Scoops are the perfect chip for salsa eating.  So why can’t they combine the two greatest products they ever developed and make Scoops Hint of Lime chips?  My purchases alone would boost the stock price several hundred dollars.

Is Taylor Swift really “never, ever, ever getting back together” with that guy?  Because if you ask me, it sounds like the lady doth protest too much.

Who would write the best Tweets if they were alive today—Bette Davis, Joan Fontaine, or Carole Lombard?

Are flat leather shoes really so uncomfortable that men must wear sneakers with their tuxedos?  Asking on behalf of females everywhere who had to wear high heels everywhere fancy until five minutes ago….

How long do we have to say, “it’s not covid” every time we sneeze in public?

Is it just me, or is the TV show Survivor not as good as it used to be?

Some people don’t want to download their music on their phone.  I get that.  But why are people buying records instead of CDs in 2022?  And not vintage records—I get wanting a vinyl Bob Dylan original.  But why buy the Adele or Frozen soundtrack on vinyl?

When I buy a head of lettuce, it starts turning brown almost immediately.  What in the world do they do to bagged lettuce to keep it fresh so long?

Am I the only one who doesn’t know how to use a modern washing machine?  Why does it not add enough water to cover the clothes?  Why does it walk halfway across my basement when I wash a blanket?

Will Tim McGraw and Faith Hill ever break up?  How will I survive if they do?  They’re the only ones who give me hope for dual-star relationship happiness.

How is it possible Barbara Stanwyck never won an Oscar?

What should I read next?

When and where is the next library used book sale?

Would I do better on Amazing Race, Survivor, or Big Brother?

Why is the book always, always, always better than the movie?

If you do something fun and you don’t post it on social media, did it really happen?

38 thoughts on “Things I Spend Way Too Much Time Thinking About

  1. Loved the duet Tom McGraw and Gwyneth Paltrow did in the movie who’s name escapes me. Me and Tennesee. Amazed to find out Chris Martin frfom Coldplay wrote it, he out-countried country!
    Vinyl is just wonderful to listen to especially when your husband has spent a fortune on high end stereo equipment and won’t accept any other opinion 🙂 (If he dies before me I’m gonna be worth a mint!)

    • Country Strong – criminally underrated movie!

      And I can fully accept that there are people who are really into vinyl….the sound, the equipment, etc. It’s like me being into movies from 1930s – not crazy, but not really mainstream either.

      But what baffles me is that they sell records at places like Target – the fact that there’s enough volume to justify Target giving it retail space blows my mind.

  2. A Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor..Amazing writing of a young lad really walking across Europe from London.. Never filmed
    The Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn..staggering revelations on Russia’s peoples treatment by Psycho Freaks..Nothing changes .Warren Beatty tried Red..No one could do this ?

  3. I love this style of post. Great read. Ok…Tostitos Lime Scoops sounds like a perfect marriage to me. I wonder if Taylor Swift will keep having to break up with people in order to write more songs. This could be a chronic condition. I think I’m going to at least be thinking “Covid” when someone sneezes between now and the end of days. My wife has watched every episode of Survivor since it began. Admittedly, I’ve seen most all of it also, although I’ve bailed out of it this season. I think it jumped the shark for me a few years ago when they started giving out immunity idols like candy at Halloween, while also initiating a bunch of ways to “get ahead” in the game. Got too confusing to follow. When you have to start writing down how many advantages each person has, you’ve gone too far in my book. No, Survivor isn’t the same to me. I know when we get lettuce home we put it in airtight zip lock bags. No air usually buys it several days for us before the “tan” starts. I think The Amazing Race is the competition we’d all do better on, because you always have to be alert. No boredom should translate to more enthusiasm, and a better performance. The book is better than the movie imho because it has way more time to tell its story and paint its images…and filmmakers also often try to recreate the book instead of just making a solid film.

    • Love all your responses, especially on Survivor. I’ve been a day one fan, but have been really disillusioned the last few seasons, and it is around the proliferation of advantages. It’s become a scavenger hunt rather than a game of strategy. For the first time ever, I’ve missed a few episodes and not bothered to go back and watch the DVR.

      I guess 40+ seasons is a good run.

      I’ve got multiple comments telling me to put the lettuce in a plastic bag, so I gotta try it. I was wrapping it in paper towels and putting it in a bowl, which is not getting the job done!

      And Tostios is 100% leaving money on the table!!

      Thanks for stopping by and playing along 🙂

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