My love for Black Friday shopping sprees is well-documented on this site.  While I dislike shopping in general, there’s a pageantry and tradition to Black Friday that I enjoy.  I’m not looking for big ticket items like televisions and laptops, but the underappreciated Black Friday sales—blankets, sheets, and cookware.

I once got the Dutch oven of my dreams for half off on Black Friday.

Covid kept me from Black Friday in 2020 but I was back at Macy’s at five in the morning in 2021.

But this year I skipped Black Friday.

Partially it’s because I have a lot of creative work to do—I’m finishing up the last few entries for the Movies I’m Thankful For series, wrapping up my writing on director Dorothy Arzner, and preparing for next week’s library talk on The Dueling De Havilland Sisters at the Penn Hills Library. (Interested in attending?  Register here!).

I could’ve squeezed some shopping in, of course, but hitting the books was more appealing.

But even more so, there’s nothing I want this year, not even a new blanket or skillet.

I feel especially grateful for this past year—a new day job, record views on my blog, the opportunity to speak at the Plum Library last April that’s spiraled into a genuine side gig.  My rowing club hired a wonderful new coach who’s going to do her best to get us in shape this winter.  Friends I hadn’t seen since the pre-Covid days drove down to watch me row and have a wonderful three hour bagel breakfast at Panera.

And how could I possibly want for more after scoring Taylor Swift tickets?

I’m lucky—the things I want most are the things I already have.

I can wait until next year to get another blanket.