Readers, I’ve been fact checked hard.

After Sunday’s blog, in which I recounted that I am always hot and will never be the kind of woman who can wear wool sweaters, I received some critical feedback on the accuracy of my claim from my rowing team.

“You cannot claim you are never cold,” Tiffiny busted me before Monday night’s practice.

The rest of the crew agreed that my claim to hotness scored a “Pants on Fire” rating on Politifact’s Fact Checking Meter.

Reader, they’re right.

I am always cold at the boathouse. 

In my defense, I row with a bunch of nuts who want to open all the doors and turn on all the fans while we exercise on the indoor rowing machines in the middle of the winter.

We’ve got snow blowing into the place.

In my shorts and t-shirts, I’m always shivering and wondering if maybe we don’t need to be blasted with arctic winds while we work out?

But facts are facts.

They are right.  The rowing club is the one place I’m always cold.

What can I say?

Like Walt Whitman, I contain multitudes.