Pain free or fresh breath…the choice is yours


Let’s talk toothpaste.

Last week I told you I brush my teeth an abnormal amount. As soon as I wake up, after every meal or snack, and sometimes just for fun when I’m in the bathroom.  I wasn’t always this way.  I didn’t have an explanation for why my teeth brushing has escalated over the years.

I thought about it all week and now I know why: toothpaste.

Specifically, Sensodyne.

For those of us with sensitive teeth, Sensodyne is a godsend. It’s a toothpaste specially formulated for those with sensitive teeth.  If you have pain when you eat or drink hot or cold things, you should really try it.  It works.

The problem is that it works by using a gentle formula stripped of all the harsh chemicals and cleaners that leave your mouth smelling and tasting as fresh as if you’d just ate a garden of mint.

So now your teeth don’t hurt but they feel dirty.

All the time.

Even right after you brush them.

Those of you who use Sensodyne, back me up on this one, okay?

And as it states right on the package, Sensodyne “builds increasing protection.” In other words, you have to use it all the time.  You can’t brush once with Sensodyne in the morning and then use your Crest or Aquafresh the rest of the day.

No way. No cheating.  Even one brush with the good stuff will bring your sensitive teeth roaring back the next time you drink something cold.

So I brush my teeth all day long.

And here’s a secret confession: I keep a tube of Aquafresh in the back of the bottom drawer.  Out of sight, out of mind.  But it isn’t out of mind.  I’m always thinking about it, and wanting to use it.  Every so often, I give in.  I pull out the Aquafresh and look over my shoulder like a criminal.  Just one hit, I tell myself.

And my teeth feel fresh and clean all day long, and I am happy.

Until I drink a cold Pepsi and my teeth scream in protest.