DUETS WEEK #113: Meet Me In Montana

Music is filled with songs about the people who never quite made it, and return back home with a new appreciation for the ones they love. They’re like a three minute Hallmark movie.

Meet Me In Montana is a double dose…both the man and the woman have given up their dreams in Nashville and Hollywood and decide to meet back home. You can tell in their voices they couldn’t be happier…in Montana.

One thought on “DUETS WEEK #113: Meet Me In Montana

  1. I have always loved this song, so I looked this one up also, it came out in 1985. This is a wonderful song of longing for Hollywood, obtaining it, then realizing how artificial life can be in Hollywood, how good you really had it all along, so you go back to the real world in Montana…Big Sky Country. I also compare this song sung by Marie Osmond and Dan Seals, this was their BIG duet together, they made magic with this song. Just like Dolly and Kenny made their magic with Islands In The Stream. Both couples tried other duets together but never created the magic with those songs as they did with their first magical duets. Both couples did create the magic that still endures over 30 years later…..now that is good music and true magic!

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