Maybe you won’t agree, but I think I Need You is the best duet by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Maybe you think it’s Let’s Make Love, or Like We Never Loved At All, or their juggernaut hit It’s Your Love. I won’t argue. Tim and Faith are an embarrassment of riches in terms of great duets.

But this one just gets me. When they sing it live, they sit on chairs facing each other and sing into a single microphone. They were a little older when they recorded this, and their love had moved beyond the bloom of youth. I think it was a little more hard won by the time they recorded I Need You. It’s hardest for me to separate Tim and Faith the public figures from Tim and Faith the singers in this one. Tim’s spoken publicly that Faith saved him from a life of too much drinking. I think this song hits close to home for them. Or at least I’ve read enough of People Magazine to believe it does.