Terminator 2:  Judgement Day poster

When I was a kid, my Aunt Sue had a boyfriend named Frank. 

Now as far as I can remember, Frank was a nice enough guy, but the truth is, if I passed him on the street today I wouldn’t recognize him.

But I’ll never forget Frank, because Frank ran the projector at our local movie theater.

And he let us go to the movies for free, whenever we wanted.

Nineteen-ninety one was a banner year for film.  My cousins and I saw Beauty and the Beast, My Girl, Hook, and Point Break

But mostly, we just wanted to watch Terminator 2.

Remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger was an actor?

He plays a robot, the T-800, sent from the future to protect the boy John Connor who will one day become the leader of the resistance against a group of sentient robots who plan to destroy the human race.

He battles against a more advanced model the T-1000, who can turn himself into liquid metal at any time and is virtually indestructible.  The T-1000 has been sent to assassinate the boy.

Meanwhile, poor John Connor’s mother is locked up in a psych ward for telling people about the robots from the future who will kill us all.

Remember when the T-1000 shape shifted into John Connor’s foster mom and then turned his arm into a blade and stabbed his foster dad right through the carton of milk?

That was our favorite part.

We must’ve seen it half a dozen times in the theater.

Then Aunt Sue and Frank broke up.

Did I tell you he also got us free popcorn?

Too bad he wasn’t the one. 

This is part of my Movies I’m Grateful For series, running daily through the month of November. 

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