What’s the funniest part of the Sandra Bullock-Melissa McCarthy buddy cop comedy The Heat?

That’s the easiest question ever.

It’s when rough-around-the-edges Boston cop Shannon Mullins (McCarthy) cuts off the sleeves and pants of straight-laced Federal Agent Sarah Ashburn’s (Bullock) clothes so that she will fit in better during their undercover nightclub sting and is horrified by Ashburn’s spanks.

No, wait!

It’s when Ashburn tries to perform an emergency tracheotomy on a choking victim after watching a video about it on television.

Or maybe it’s when Mullins throws a phone book at a perp during Ashburn’s investigation.  Or  when Ashburn and Mullins accidentally drop a perp off a balcony.

But maybe it’s when Mullins chases down a perp and throws a watermelon at him.  Or when she’s looking for her captain’s “really, really tiny” balls.  Or when she calls a perp’s wife to tell her that her husband’s been soliciting prostitutes.

Maybe it’s when Ashburn dances like a freak to cozy up to a suspect so that Mullins can bug his phone.

Or when she pretends the neighbor’s cat is her own.

No wait – it’s gotta be when they get drunk together all night at a bar.

The funniest part of The Heat?

Maybe it’s not such an easy question after all.

Including The Heat on this list is a no-brainer. This R-rated comedy is filled with F-bombs, outrageous gags, and just enough heart to make their eventual friendship satisfying but not sentimental.

Here’s a better question:  How is it possible they haven’t yet made a sequel?

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