Ultimate Playlist #176: Dixie Road

As a little kid, I was obsessed with this song. It’s funny, now, because I obviously had no idea what it was about, but something about it wormed its way into my heart.

My mom had an orange Buick with a tape deck, and we had a little box of cassette tapes. I got to pick the tapes, and it was always Barbara Mandrell or Lee Greenwood’s Dixie Road.

Ultimate Playlist #171: Spiderweb

Somewhere in the world, maybe at the bottom of a landfill, is a cassette tape. On that tape, my friend Ginger is preserved at fifteen, singing No Doubt’s Spiderweb with all the gusto of Gwen Stefani. She didn’t know we were recording her, and we tortured her with the recording for weeks.

I’d pay a pretty penny to hear that exclusive cover version again.

Ultimate Playlist #169: Songs About Rain

Have I mentioned how sexy I find Gary Allan? The scruff, the hat, and most of all, that gravelly country voice. Songs About Rain is a modern country song with an old time, classic feel. It paints such a picture to me–I can see Gary driving around in a beat-up pickup truck, all the lights red, all the stores closed, all his dreams dashed. And all the songs coming through his radio just rubbing it in.